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Why COVID-19 Is Driving the Demand for In-Home Senior Care

Now, more than ever, may be a good time to consider in-home health care for your senior loved ones. Though group and nursing homes are doing their best to stem the influx of COVID cases, the more people someone is exposed to, the more at-risk a person is. Sadly, this is even more true for our elderly population. Many seniors residing in these facilities live in close proximity to one another, with some rooms having double occupants.

How COVID-19 Is Drastically Altering Senior Care

Unfortunately, many nursing homes simply don’t have the finances, staff, or time to implement all the changes they need in order to protect staff and clients. Hopefully, in time, they will be able institute the kind of techniques necessary to protect all residents. In the meantime, without proper personal protection equipment and enough space for a quarantine wing, the residents of these places are, unfortunately, at higher risk of contracting an illness that thrives on close personal content – something that is hard to get away from in nursing homes.

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At present, more pressure is being applied to nursing homes as employees aren’t always able to come to work. Whether they are themselves exposed and can’t risk exposing residents or simply need to keep from contracting the disease for their own health, turnover in these establishments is high. Many are justifiably concerned that they will contract the virus and bring it home to their families. This problem is shared by some in-home health care companies as well, but Arista is leading the way forward to a better solution.

Though in-home care offers the least risk option, many families simply aren’t able to do it alone. However, your loved one can have professional support and compassionate care at home with Arista senior care services.

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Why Arista is Your Personal Solution

We at Arista believe that the safety of our clients and our workforce is of paramount importance. We have always practiced Universal Precautions and will be vigilant in continuing to do so. We address the fears and concerns of our clients and workforce directly and with complete transparency. We stay abreast of the latest news and protocols, incorporating CDC changes as needed and without delay. We provide Personal Protective Equipment to our team members. We have safety protocol and physical distancing standards in place at our office and offer suggestions to our clients on establishing and maintaining safe practices in their homes. At Arista, we feel it is our duty to provide exemplary home care for your senior loved ones, and we will do our very best to protect them, now, and in the future.