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7 Important Benefits of Home Health Care during the COVID-19 Pandemic

As the COVID-19 virus spreads, the need for quality home health care is increasing drastically. More elderly and disabled patients are looking to stay at home avoiding clinics and hospitals where the risk of contracting COVID-19 is greater. As hospitals are filled to capacity treating the coronavirus, more patients will be sent home early. Home care workers stand poised and ready to fill this need for more flexible care. These are trained nurses and home health aides, regulated by strict guidelines for safety and hygiene. They have the training, knowledge and experience necessary to provide services as safely as possible in your home.

Home health care services are beneficial to families when a loved one needs extra care at home. Choosing home health care provides numerous advantages including

  1. Care When You Are Unable to Be There. For any situation where you cannot physically be present with your loved one, whether it’s because of social distancing practices or other reasons, professional home health care aides can be there in your place.
  2. Qualified Medical Care. Home health care provides licensed nurses to take care of your loved one’s unique medical needs. Certified caregivers are also knowledgeable in medical technology and equipment, and they are trained to use it properly.

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  1. Support for Activities of Daily Living (ADL). A home care aide can assist with basic personal care like bathing and grooming. These activities improve the quality of life for at-home patients while maintaining their dignity.
  2. Help With Light Household Work. If your loved one struggles to maintain basic housework on their own, home care aides can provide assistance with dishes, laundry, and light cleanup chores, ensuring your loved one can remain in their home and have a healthy living environment. During the Covid-19 pandemic it’s ever more important to have someone help maintain a clean environment in your home.
  3. Medication and Nutrition Assistance. Home care aides can ensure your loved one is managing medications properly, providing reminders and organization for multiple medications. Nutritional counselling and assistance with meal planning and preparation can all beprovided by home care staff. Maintaining a prescribed medication schedule, along with healthy eating is crucial to avoid compromising your immune system and to avoid hospitalizations including for non-Covid-19 conditions.

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  1. Social Enrichment and Companionship. Home care goes beyond in-home personal care and can provide much-needed socialization for loved ones stuck at home. An aide can take your loved one on a walk, play card games, read together, and so much more. Aides can become trusted companions, forming lasting relationships. With social distancing practices in place, it’s ever more important that people who cannot get out of their homes are not left feeling isolated and alone.
  2. Help With Errands and Appointments. If your loved one needs assistance with shopping or errands, a home care aide can go to the grocery store or run errands on their behalf, and can take drive them to medical or other necessary appointments.

Home health care is a great way to provide the extra assistance your loved one needs during the COVID-19 crisis. Contact Arista Home Care Solutions for a free assessment or to start home health care.

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