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Myths of Senior Home Care Services

For most people, caring for an elderly loved one is a first-time experience, and it’s an experience that everyone has an opinion about – whether they’ve been through it or not. Though the internet can be a great place to find information about time saving tips and helpful practices, it can also perpetuate untruths about senior home care services and how to care for your loved ones.

Keep reading for a few common myths about in senior home care.

Myth #1: You Can Handle Elder Home Care on Your Own

Family members often take it upon themselves to provide home care; this is only natural as it is human instinct to care for one’s own family. While some people have the resources to devote to in-home care of a loved one, most people don’t have the time or the experience necessary to deal with the multitude of disease and age related decline, and would benefit greatly from professional assistance. In many cases, an older relative’s condition may require the help of care options outside the realm of what relatives can provide.

Myth #2: Elder Care Means a Loss of Independence

Many older adults think of home care with disdain, often believing that they will have no more control over their own lives once they agree to in-home care services. However, a senior home care specialist provides safe, dignified wellness are and supervision. They help with some daily tasks based on the senior’s ability. A senior can be as independent as they are capable of being. The goal is to ensure safety and comfort without infringing on the patient’s independence.

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Myth #3: Elder Care Is Only for the Seriously Ill

While some seniors with advanced health needs may require intensive hands-on care and supervision, many older adults simply need a bit of help getting through each day or managing milder medical conditions. Home caregivers can help with meal planning, non-emergency transportation, and light household chores. These services can evolve over time as needs change.

Myth #4: Elder Home Care Services are Expensive

It’s true that nursing home and assisted living facilities can cost quite a bit. Home care, on the other hand, can adjust to your needs and budget. Ultimately, the cost of arranging senior home care services pales in comparison to the potential costs if your loved one suffers an injury or medical event due to a lack of care and assistance.

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Seek Help Before the Crisis Occurs

Once you start noticing the signs that your loved one is struggling with everyday independent living, consider preventative in-home care. Arista Home Care Solutions can help you identify warning signs and arrange for compassionate, professional in-home preventative care for your senior loved one. You may encounter resistance from your loved ones, it’s your responsibility to help them understand how outside assistance can benefit them.

And just as importantly, benefit you as the family caregiver. Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness. It’s much more sensible to arrange for assistance once or twice a week, rather than requiring extended amounts of more intensive care for your aging loved one following a crisis.  And those one or two days of respite each week will go a long way toward helping you manage your own wellbeing and peace of mind.

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