Personal Care Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of Caregiver coverage do you provide?

We provide services for a minimum of 4 hours per visit up to 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. We will be there for you every day, including weekends and holidays if needed.

Can you provide transportation?

Yes, we provide transportation for a number of our clients. This is just one of many services that allow our clients to remain in their homes. We are one of few local home care providers who additionally offer wheelchair-accessible transportation, which is through our sister company Orange Transport.

If you have the ability to get in and out of a standard vehicle, you may be driven by your home health aide. If the aide’s vehicle is used, you are charged for mileage reimbursement which is based on the annual rate set by the IRS ($0.625 per mile).

You may also choose for our aide to drive your vehicle, in which case there will be no mileage charge. The aides are required to keep a current driver’s license and car insurance on file, as well as submit for BMV record checks.

How do you determine the services I or my family member will need?

Once we discuss the basic needs over the telephone, we schedule a free in-home assessment to determine the level of care and the frequency.

It’s important that you bring together all the key decision-makers at the time of the assessment, to help alleviate misunderstandings later on.

The family makes the final decision on how many hours are needed and what services you would like in place.

What services are offered?

CareConnect provides non-medical care including companion services such as grocery shopping, light housekeeping, running errands, meal preparation and scheduling appointments; along with wellness services such as medication reminders, hygiene, dressing and toileting assistance.

How do I pay for services?

Our services are typically covered by private pay and long-term care insurance coverage if you have a policy.

Some clients also receive subsidies, through member or disease-based support organizations.

Medical insurance companies (including Medicare and primary insurance providers) generally do not cover non-medical care services rendered at home. We accept payment by check, credit card, or electronic funds transfer.

What does it cost?

Our basic rate is $30/hr. however this rate can be slightly higher or lower depending on the plan of care that’s developed based on your specific needs.

These details will be discussed with your family during the free in-home assessment.

I know people who only pay $15/hr. or less for these types of services, why would we pay more?

In nearly every case, services provided at $15/hr. or less are for private-hire caregivers, who aren’t necessarily trained, vetted through criminal background checks, nor bonded and insured to work in your home.

This exposes you and your family to a much higher level of liability, not to mention workers’ compensation and taxation issues. We care about our employees and their well-being, and as required by law we pay into Social Security, submit federal and state payroll taxes, and pay into the state workers’ compensation program.

We also offer health insurance, disability insurance, and 401k benefits to our staff, which helps us attract and retain some of the most experienced, reliable and dependable home health aides in the area.

How are employees screened?

We perform comprehensive national, state and local background checks, drug screens and DMV record checks on all our Caregivers. We also perform personal and business reference checks on all new hires.