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3 Advantages of Orange Transport Non-Emergency Transportation for Seniors

Seniors often require help with transportation to their doctor’s visits or other appointments. However, they may not have a vehicle equipped for their medical needs. Hiring a non-emergency transportation service, such as Orange Transport, can help seniors safely reach their destinations. This post will discuss the numerous benefits that seniors can enjoy with non-emergency transportation, including equipment for their wheelchairs and oxygen tanks, personalized service for greater comfort, and a greater sense of independence.

Extra Space

Many seniors travel with medically necessary equipment and mobility devices. Regular vehicles don’t afford the space and storage needed to safely contain these items. Orange Transport’s accessible vans are properly equipped to safely transport everything  from wheelchairs to walkers to oxygen tanks. Plus, these items can be easily stowed and removed without fighting small openings and cramped trunks.

Personalized Service

Because everyone has unique needs for their transportation, it’s important that your transportation provider offers personalized services to meet those particular needs. From flexible schedules to specialized vehicles, Orange Transport delivers greater comfort for passengers as well as peace of mind. Vehicles for non-emergency transport come equipped with the most advanced safety features and comfort items passengers may need, such as ramps, power lifts, in-vehicle wheelchair restraints and climate control.

Orange Transport offers assisted transport and door-through-door service. This entails additional assistance prior to and following each trip; assistance you likely won’t receive from a cab company or other curb-to-curb or door-to-door professional transportation provider. Even a spouse or family member may be physically unable to safely assist you the way our PASS- and PCA-certified drivers will.

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Increased Independence

The freedom of movement is one of the biggest benefits of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation. Passengers can reach their destinations and appointments on time, scheduling them at their own convenience without having to wait until a family member is able to drive them. With a simple phone call, passengers can book a ride to medical appointments, physical therapy, dialysis, shopping and other non-emergency events.

Who Can Benefit?

There are many people who can benefit from Orange Transport non-emergency transportation, such as:

  • Those with recent injuries or who can’t move well on their own
  • People who have recently undergone surgeries and have not yet been cleared to drive by their doctor
  • Patients discharging home from the hospital or a short-term rehab facility
  • Patients going to out-patient physical or occupational therapy
  • Seniors or disabled persons whose spouse or other family caregiver has limitations of their own that limit or prevent safe lifting and transferring
  • Elderly people with limited means of transport
  • Individuals who need additional assistance at their home or destination

Contact Orange Transport

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