Senior citizens with special medical needs and people with disabilities may be unable to drive themselves to appointments or run errands. There are specific transportation services that allow these patients to attend to their medical necessities. Two of these options are ambulances and non-emergency medical transportation vehicles. Even though they are specifically designed to help patients unable to travel by themselves, there are significant differences between them

Situations and Conditions

Perhaps the most important difference between ambulances and non-emergency medical transportation is the conditions and situations that require their service. People typically call for ambulances when there is an emergency that requires immediate action and fast travel, such as a heart attack, a stroke, the aftermath of a car accident, or any other life-threatening condition or injury.

Preparation Methods

Another significant difference between these two services is the preparation process for each. An individual can summon an ambulance simply by calling 911and describing the situation. There is no pre-approval method or extended wait time, due to the nature of these emergencies.

On the other hand, non-emergency medical transportation trips are sometimes on a reoccurring basis and they are always scheduled in advance.  The process involves choosing and confirming the service provider you would like to use, the date of the trip, the specific times, and the locations for pick up and drop off.  These trips often have multiple legs, and the scheduling most often results in a return trip home later in the day.

Service Expenses

One last key difference between both transportation options is the expense. Ambulance service is generally much more expensive, however it’s likely an individual’s health insurance will pay for some or all the cost.  Non-emergency medical transportation can in many cases also be paid through insurance including Medicaid, however there are instances where people will need to pay out of pocket.  Because non-emergency medical transportation is scheduled in advance rather than on-demand, it is generally available at a much lower cost.

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