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Stimulating Activities for Your Loved One with Dementia

It is important for your loved one with dementia to engage in activities that provide both mental and social stimulation, and you want to do everything you can for them. Providing structure and routine through activities will keep their mind active and healthy. Everyone enjoys different activities and you should try ones that fit your loved ones interests and situation. Here are some ideas on how you can stimulate your loved one with dementia.

Play a Game

You may incorporate brain games and activities into your loved one’s day-to-day life to provide them with social and mental stimulation. Playing brain-building games that are exciting and engaging can assist in slowing down cognitive decline. Avoid games that involve arithmetic as this can be distressing. Puzzles, simple card games, Dominoes, and children’s board games like Scrabble, Chutes and Ladders, and Connect Four are all fun activities to try with someone who has Dementia.

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Have an Art Session Together

Drawing or painting together can be very therapeutic for both of you. Arts and crafts provide an outlet for creativity and self-expression. Encourage a family member with dementia to participate in art activities like painting, coloring, and even creating things out of non-toxic play dough. Arts and crafts provide a wide range of sensory stimulation for your loved one and are a fun way to spend time together.

Listen to Music

Another activity that stimulates your loved one’s mind and memory is listening to music. Playing your loved one’s favorite artists or songs is encouraged if you’re searching for activities to elicit nostalgia and appreciation. It will create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for them.

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Sing along and if safe, encourage dancing or moving their feet while seated. Listen to a favorite singer, genre, or band, or create a playlist of their favorite songs. Show them live videos of their favorite artists to boost their anticipation even more.

Bring Them to the Grocery Store

Let them help you pick out food. It can be fun for your loved one. Shopping was among the top interests for 80% of individuals with dementia, according to a survey conducted by the Alzheimer’s Society.

Outdoor Activities

There are so many beautiful views of nature that it’s always good to take advantage of when you have access to it. The fresh air will do your loved one good. Go for a drive or walk.  Gardening, sweeping or tidying in the garden can be tasks people with dementia can cope with.

Cook a Meal

Cooking and eating are an essential part of your routine. Consider having your family member with dementia assist you the next time you make a simple lunch, dinner, or delicious dessert.

Food and the associated aromas are frequently linked to powerful feelings and vivid recollections of family gatherings around the table. It is a wonderful activity that will give your loved ones a sense of accomplishment as they prepare and then eat what they cooked. Create a special occasion by cooking a meal together or baking cookies.

The ideal activity for your loved ones should be related to their hobbies or interests. Ask your loved ones what they would like to do and participate in meaningful and enjoyable activities resulting in mental stimulation and engagement.

To find out more information on caring for your loved one with dementia, including support services for caregivers, contact Arista Home Care Solutions at (419)-754-1897 and inquire about our respite care options.

Paula Birney, CMA, CDP

Certified Dementia Practitioner