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How Can You Tell if Your Spouse Needs Home Care?

The aging process involves many changes in health, lifestyle, and the ability to perform essential self-care tasks. It can be a difficult transition for many seniors, as they fear losing their independence and try to adjust to a new way of life. In many cases, one spouse can help care for the other as they lose the ability to do the things they are used to doing, but as time goes on, this may become increasingly difficult.

The stress of caring for a spouse while dealing with the effects of aging can become overwhelming and bring about the need for assistance in the home. If you are in a similar situation, there are signs you can use to gauge whether it is time to get senior home care for your spouse.

What Are the Signs That Home Care May Be Necessary?

When you are evaluating whether home care is an option, there are several indicators you should consider. Is your spouse:

  • Often disoriented?
  • Forgetting to take medication, misplacing essential documents, or forgetting appointments?
  • Unable to prepare meals, perform personal hygiene, or do chores?
  • Losing strength, falling frequently, or losing balance?
  • Unable to get dressed or put on their shoes on their own?
  • Leaving the stove on or forgetting to put out cigarettes?

 Senior Home Care and Home Health Care – What’s the Difference?

If the answer to one or more of these questions is yes, it may be time to consider getting some in-home care for you and your spouse. Many people feel that they are giving up their freedom by getting assistance in the home, but the fact is home care assistance allows you to maintain the independence you are used to. It also takes some of the burden off of the caregiving spouse and relieves a great deal of stress and exhaustion.

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What Do Home Care Providers Do for Seniors?

There are many tasks that a home care assistant can perform to help aging couples with daily life. Consider these benefits to having a home care provider:

  • Driving to appointments, shopping, or the pharmacy
  • Companionship and help with hobbies, attending social events, and activities

If you feel that having help with these simple everyday activities would relieve some of the burden you are carrying as you and your spouse adjust to a new lifestyle, home care may be a perfect solution for you. Arista Home Care Solutions is a trusted provider of in-home care in the Toledo, OH, area.

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