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6 Senior Care Trends of the Near Future

Entering your Golden Years is no longer a daunting prospect. While not long ago, being in a senior living or assisted living facility evoked thoughts of lack of autonomy, however technology and education have made advancements in senior living that have made independent, comfortable living for seniors a reality.

Here are some things the young-at-heart can expect to see in the near-future:

Increase in Home Healthcare

With the rise in senior planned communities, we also see an increase in-home healthcare options. More seniors want the option to “age in place,” staying in their homes with help coming to them. Home healthcare can also be tailored to the individual’s needs, which can be more economical in the long-term.

Reduced Nursing Home Existence

Nursing homes have started declining as of late and the trend will only grow over time. With cuts to Medicare and Medicaid programs, seniors can expect more independent living and memory care options available. Decline in nursing homes means more individualized care through home health services for those who need it as well as more independent living for those who don’t, eliminating the “one size fits all” approach of nursing homes.

Eco-Friendly Senior Living

Eco-Friendly does not need to mean sparse. With technological advancements in eco-living, seniors can enjoy the comforts of home while reducing their carbon footprint. While the initial investment of updating facilities to LEED-certified standards might be higher, the long-term benefits outweigh the cost. With the implementation of eco-friendly appliances, lighting, and building materials, the cost of running a senior assisted living facility becomes much more economical, passing the savings onto residents and their families.

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Rise of Technology in Senior Care

Soon, expect to see personal care robots, which will be a cost effective and efficient way to care for the elderly. Currently, technological implementation in the way of easy-use “smart homes” and remote medical devices that wirelessly transmit data can be used and enjoyed by seniors – and the technology will only get better and more easily accessed over time.  Home care providers are at the leading edge of these technologies, and can assist you in determining which technologies best fit your needs.

Senior Co-Housing

Senior Co-Housing does not mean you’ll be bunking with another senior to save on space and money but rather whole communities will share on a smaller scale. Residents have their own homes and spaces but also shared areas such as recreational centers and the like. Monthly dues will be necessary for upkeep housekeeping and meal plans but this, in turn, gives residents more say in their community and how it develops. Community living creates closer connections and reduces loneliness, in turn promoting better health and longer life.

Improved Amenities for Seniors

Senior living and retirement does not have to be synonymous with boredom. More senior assisted living facilities are offering cultural, educational, and recreational programs. For instance, fitness classes and community educational/cultural events encourage community and togetherness while facilitating long-term mental, emotional, and physical health.

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