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Senior Care Technology and Its Role in 2019

The constant advancements in technology today are radically changing our way of life in seemingly endless ways. One specific area where technology has been slow to impact is senior care. However, the development of new senior care  technology, as well as the innovative use of old technology, is creating rapid improvements in the quality of senior care.

Learn more about the different ways senior care technology is impacting us in 2019 and beyond.


The concept of telemedicine involves consultations between physicians and patients that are conducted via videoconferences or through electronic patient portals. Telemedicine also covers continued medical education, remote monitoring of vital signs, sharing of important documents, and more, all conducted away from a medical facility. Telemedicine provides useful medical resources and expert care for patients who are unable to travel to these locations for a variety of reasons.

Electronic Records

Health providers use electronic health records (EHR) to keep track of an individual patient’s comprehensive health information, such as applicable medications, allergies, medical conditions, needs, and preferences. The organization and facilitated sharing of these records reduces the probability of medical errors. This technological innovation is crucial for elderly patients, since they often see multiple specialists and transition from one care provider to another more than other patient populations.

Closer Monitoring

Technology companies such as AT&T and Intel, as well as dedicated elder care companies like GreatCall, are using their resources to create systems that allow caregivers and loved ones the ability to monitor the wellbeing of elderly patients living independently.

Specifically, these companies are accumulating the patient’s health information and integrating it into medical devices to ensure the patients are living in excellent conditions. GreatCall’s Ambient Assisted Living (AAL), for instance, uses the data to determine a senior patient’s wellbeing and recognize an unusual behavior that might count as an emergency.


Thanks to advancements in user experience and accessible interface for patients, they can now enjoy a variety of brain-stimulating electronic activities and games, such as puzzles, math games, and others. The use of these games, known as cybertherapy, provides the patients with motivational, mental, and social benefits that they may not have previously had access to.

Improving Quality of Care

Numerous medical devices ensure that caregivers provide efficient care services to their respective patients, even when they are away from each other. For instance, newer devices can alert caregivers or emergency teams whenever a senior goes through a common dangerous situation, such as a fall or getting lost in an area.

In addition, there are also automatic medication dispensers and administration records that help caregivers provide the appropriate types and amounts of medications to each patient.

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