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The Benefits of Information Technology in Senior Home Care

Thanks to advances in medicine, Americans are living longer than ever. It is expected that 10,000 baby boomers will celebrate their 65th birthdays every day from now until 2030. To help serve this growing population, information technology is paving the way. While some senior caretakers hesitate to embrace new technology, advancements in the way we access our computers are bridging the gap in usability.

Information technology benefits loved ones and their caretakers in many ways by providing the ability to connect with care providers and find information about health concerns online. Technology can offer seniors many home health benefits without presenting a series of daunting tasks. Innovative technologies are making computers and devices easier for seniors to use by incorporating touch screens, voice-activated devices, and other user-friendly features.

Convincing Caretakers of the Benefits of Technology

Despite the obvious perks of leveraging technology, some senior caretakers are reluctant to embrace information technology in home health. The key to convincing anyone to try something new is to engage them with the new thing – it ceases being “new” and starts being seen as a tool.

When it comes to choosing the best in home senior care agency, Arista Home Care Solutions offers something many other agencies don’t – a direct connection to the care providers working with your loved one. With eRSP™ Family Connect staying informed about your loved one has never been easier.

eRSP™ Family Connect

This cloud-based home care suite benefits everyone: provider, senior citizen/client, and the family. In home care providers can specify a care plan tailored to a client’s needs and situation, make notes, and set tasks or reminders for care providers and family. Through the eRSP mobile app, in-home care providers benefit from a real-time connection to a patient’s medical needs.

Whether your family lives down the street or across the country, with eRSP you can login and:

  • See the care provider currently on site
  • View the monthly schedule
  • Review care notes and activities
  • Read messages from care providers
  • Access documents
  • See care provider bios
  • Communicate with the home office

Through the eRSP mobile app, in-home care providers have a real-time connection to a client’s care plan. Providers can deposit notes back into a cloud repository for quick access by the family and/or caretaker. This ensures everyone on the team is well informed and up to date in the event changes are necessary.

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