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Protect Your Elderly Parents by Eliminating Germs

Your elderly parents have enough health risks without worrying about harmful germs cultivating right inside the home. As a caregiver, a top priority is the cleanliness of the house. A germ-free home protects elderly loved ones from illnesses and diseases that could be potentially life-threatening at this stage in life.

Use these five strategies to keep your parents’ household a safe space for them to grow old.

Encourage Good Health Habits

Establish healthy habits in your parents’ home, such as stocking the house with antibacterial wipes and hand cleaners. Help your parents get accustomed to using these products regularly, especially before eating or touching their mouths. A professional in-home care aide in your parents’ home can make sure they adhere to good hygiene practices.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Your parents probably spend most of their time at home. If indoor air quality is poor and full of contaminants like dust and microbes, it can ultimately damage health. Improve indoor air quality by vacuuming regularly, installing an air purifier, and choosing cleaning products with the least amounts of chemicals.

Control Dust Bunnies

Dust contains a lot of germs and harmful elements such as pet dander and dead skin. Control dust buildup in your parents’ home with helpful tips like using a lint roller on lampshades and using rubber gloves to easily remove pet fur. Consider having an aide in the home for regular dusting, vacuuming, and other tasks that can greatly improve the health of the home.

Step Up Personal Hygiene

The better your parents’ personal hygiene habits, the smaller the risk of infectious diseases and health problems. If you have a resistant senior parent, try washing small parts of him or her every day. Be proactive about finding the source of the problem if he or she is refusing to bathe. Help them keep up hygiene despite resistance from conditions such as Alzheimer’s with professional help.

Provide Attentive In-Home Care

As your parents get older, it becomes more important to keep them in good health. This starts right in the home. If you’re not in a position to provide attentive in-home care, consider hiring professional senior care. A professional aide can take the burden off your shoulders and provide exactly the home cleaning, personal hygiene, and other services your parents need to stay happy and healthy as they age.

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