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Holiday Gift Ideas for Senior Parents

Finding a gift for elderly loved ones can be a challenge. If you are already providing in home senior care, then you are sure all their day-to-day essentials are being taken care of. That doesn’t mean they don’t deserve something special from you around the holidays.

The best gifts are those that remind them they still have family members who know and love them. A special photo printed on a coffee mug, favorite homemade treats, or setting up a computer gives them another way to stay connected and goes a long way toward telling them you still love them.

Here are some simple and practical gift ideas to let them know how much they mean to you.


As people age, they often begin to feel they are a burden.

Help them feel loved by treating them to something special. Bring them a favorite plant or their favorite soaps, hair products, or health and beauty products.

Make cookies, muffins, cakes, or their favorite meal. During the holidays, decorate the house with all their favorite holiday décor. And don’t forget the golden ticket item: anything made by the grandchildren, a surefire boost of warmth and happiness.


As people age, they often can no longer participate in their favorite hobbies.

Take them to their grandchildren’s holiday play or musical. Take them to their favorite type of museum or restaurant.

Have a classic movie night at home and set it up like a theater. Get them their favorite books in large print or audiobook format. Make sure they have a device that is easy to use, already set up, and with adequate headphones to listen. An iPad or other tablet works very well for this because they have adequate screen size on very compact devices. Don’t forget games and joining them for a match.


Everyone loves creature comforts; this doesn’t change with age.

Bringing them their favorite comfort items goes a long way toward helping them feel loved and connected. If a grandmother made items for the family as she aged, return the favor with a T-shirt quilt made from grandchildren’s outgrown shirts.

Jar-opening devices, pill storage systems, boxes of their favorite tissues, and fresh supplies of their preferred toiletries all tell them their family loves them and cares for them. Finally, if it’s feasible, find a pet they love that can help them and keep them company.

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