Senior caregiving is an honorable and serious calling that is not without obstacles. Most would agree that the job not only requires a tremendous amount of patience but also a deep and meaningful commitment to the performance of your duties. And yet, despite your knowledge, training, and education, the challenges you face are still likely to leave you scrambling and confused at times.

Make no mistake: your line of work is both crucial and necessary, and allowing yourself to become susceptible to mistakes can severely affect the elder under your care. To help you become a better caregiver, let’s review the five following common mistakes that many caregivers commit, and learn how to prevent yourself from falling into the same trap.

Poor Planning for the Task of Providing Care

Caring for the elderly is not the same as caring for an adult or a child. Each and every senior is different, and their special conditions can leave you overwhelmed. As such, make sure to plan your days and weeks accordingly. Study your elders and learn about their needs thoroughly. Following a daily routine can reduce stress, increase the feeling of security, and improve sleep. That helps your older adult (and you) feel healthier and happier.

Forgetting To Safety-Proof

Minor changes and additions to the home or space of the elder can go a long way into minimizing your caregiving role without sacrificing safety. These need not be expensive.

Something as simple as using non-slip covers or mats can help a senior tremendously. Adding more lights and installing grab bars in key areas can also ease both you and your elder’s burdens.

Not Realizing the Work Involved

Elderly care can often involve more than just actual caregiving. In some cases, you will also need to assist them with their financial and medical paperwork among other things. Becoming aware of these aspects of the caregiving profession is essential in performing your job well.

Not Asking for Help When You Need It

Performing a task that you are unfamiliar with or which should not be done alone will open yourself and your loved one up to certain risks. So, if there’s something that you do not know or if you need help with a particular task, do not ever hesitate to ask. Your supervisor can provide training on suing special medical equipment.

Neglecting To Take Care of Yourself

Most importantly, never put yourself or your health at risk. Your elder can only be as safe and healthy as you are, and neglecting your well-being means neglecting the person under your care, too. Take breaks, eat healthy, and exercise. People are now counting on you and you really can’t afford physically and mentally to hurt yourself.

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