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5 Fun Indoor Activities for Caregivers and Loved Ones

When the season starts to turn in Ohio and Michigan, outdoor activities become limited. This is especially true for the elderly, who cannot easily navigate snow and ice. Luckily, there are plenty of fun and rewarding activities caregivers can do with loved ones without stepping outside. Keep those winter blues away and relieve caregiver stress with these simple ideas.

  1. Word Games

Playing word games is a great idea for passing the time. Beyond the fun, however, word games stretch the brain and activate language centers. The brain has not only the challenge of finding a word, but also the constraints of the game which forces the mind to make new connections and find a way to solve a puzzle. All of this is good for your mind whether you are 8 or 80.

  1. Baking Together

There’s just something about working together in a kitchen that sparks nostalgia. Memories of helping mom in the kitchen and of children helping you in the kitchen all seem to come to the forefront. Take advantage of the time to talk about those memories. Sharing the stories of years ago bonds people together and creates new memories for the future. Consider donating your baked goods to a charity or shelter for a particularly meaningful experience.

  1. Connect Online

Technology has done wonders for bringing friends and family closer together. Even those who are not fond of using computers often have a Facebook or other social media accounts for staying connected. Why not try out an online video chat through Skype, Facebook, or some other outlet? Seeing a loved one’s face can make your day and theirs. A quick email to say you were thinking of them can brighten someone’s day as well.

  1. Write a Letter

If connecting online isn’t of interest right now, why not write a letter. We rarely receive a personal letter in the mail these days, and getting one could be a special event, especially for young children who almost never get anything in the mail. Sit down and write a letter, the subject hardly matters. Just the act of writing the letter says you were thinking of them.

  1. Learn Something

The opportunities to learn something new are almost limitless. Bob Ross’s Joy of Painting still runs on many PBS channels. Try out a new recipe for a change of pace. Search out a free language program online. Learning together is a fun experience and makes everyone feel younger.

Whatever you choose to do with your time, the very act of keeping busy and doing something adds life to the day. Don’t let limitations on your activities keep you from doing something memorable and meaningful.

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