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CHIROPRACTOR TAYLOR MAINOUS D.C.Guest Blogger: Chiropractor Taylor Mainous, D.C. is an Ohio native, growing up just outside Columbus, in Dublin, OH. He received his undergraduate degree in Pre-Physical Therapy, at Pensacola Christian College in Pensacola, Florida. Post undergraduate, he continued his education further, with a Doctorate in Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.

After graduating Palmer College, Dr. Taylor was recruited to Missoula, Montana. It was here that he perfected his clinical skills and received world-class training in Structural Correction utilizing the Blair Upper Cervical technique. After 2 years of intense training and mentorship, Dr. Taylor and his wife decided to move home to Ohio and bring Structural Correction to his local community.

At Precision Spinal Care (PSC), Dr. Taylor is focused on delivering Structural Corrective care, utilizing objective analytics and research-backed methods. Holding true to this, PSC is the first and only chiropractic office in the state of Ohio to offer patients Cone Beam Computed Tomography. This Multi-Axial Structural Imaging allows Dr. Taylor to focus on his passion of delivering the most specific Structural Care possible.

Dr. Taylor and his wife Chelsea, a Nurse Practitioner, are ecstatic to be back in Ohio. Outside of the office, they both love spending time in the outdoors with their yellow lab “Zeke” whether its hunting, fishing, or camping! For more information visit www.chiropractorperrysburg.com.


Headaches affect nearly every person in the United States with 9 out of 10 adults experiencing a headache at some point in their lives. 50 million Americans report that they experience headaches frequently and 28 million suffer from migraines at least 2 times a month.

Do you know what the number one pain related reason for someone to visit their general practitioner is?

If you guessed headaches, you are correct! If daily headaches are common for you or if you experience frequent migraine attacks, then you know just how disruptive and debilitating they can be. But remember, just because something is common does not mean it is normal.

A lot of factors get blamed for headaches, things such as diet, hormones, weather changes, stress, and genes. While all of these things can certainly play a part and may even “trigger” a migraine or a headache, the real culprits are the blood vessels, nerves, and muscles in the head and neck. The abnormal function of these blood vessels, nerves, and muscles is what causes the pain that we feel when we are experiencing a headache or migraine.

What controls the dilation and constriction of our blood vessels, or the contraction and relaxation of the muscles in our body? The NERVOUS SYSTEM! Think of the nervous system as our body’s master system. It controls the function of every other system and organ in our body. It is constantly sending information to the brain where it is interpreted, and our body responds accordingly. If there is stress or interference on the nervous system and the incorrect information is being sent to the brain, then we will get incorrect output. Our bodies have an amazing design where a major part of our nervous system, the central nervous system (which is made up our brain and spinal cord), is encased in a hard-protective covering of bone. You know this protective covering as your skull and vertebrae of your spine.

Just like there is a normal and abnormal blood pressure, there is a normal and abnormal structure to your spine.When the spine has been structurally compromised pressure is being put on the body’s nervous system prohibiting the brain and body from communicating properly. This breakdown in communication can manifest itself in many ways, such as, abnormal dilation of blood vessels and muscle spasms. The most important area for proper communication between the brain and the body is a region known as the upper cervical spine. Precision Spinal Care is the only chiropractic office in the state of Ohio to use state of the art 3D imaging to assess the structure of the head and neck.

With this 3D image, we can see with 100% certainty, if there are any misalignments in the neck that may be interfering with the body’s nervous system, and deliver a precise, specific adjustment (never “twisting” or “cracking”) tailored specifically to your body. Because we employ different technologies and techniques in our office, our patients find that headaches are no longer a part of their future but rather a part of their past. If you or a loved one are suffering from migraines, or daily chronic headaches, give Precision Spinal Care a call and experience the difference.

Precision Spinal Care will be joining a group of health professional on Wednesday, March 27th, to give an informative presentation on an integrative approach to headaches. The talk will be held at 7 pm at StoryPoint Waterville, 1470 Pray BLVD, Waterville, OH 43566. Please join us and learn more about how chiropractic care can help effectively manage your migraines and headaches. For more information visit www.chiropractorperrysburg.com.