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The Demanding Job of the Adult Caregiver

It’s hard to imagine the demands on a family member providing full-time care for an elderly loved one, until they are in the position of providing that care themselves. Finding both physical and emotional support is vitally important for you as an adult caregiver and for your loved one.

Never Off Duty

Adult caregivers are daughters, wives, husbands, sons, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, partners, neighbors and friends. The familial caregiver must fill the role of nurse, cook, maid, and much more. The physical demands of the job are often hard, requiring you to assist adults to stand, walk to the bathroom or shower, helping lift them off the bed to change sheets, and more.

Emotionally, all this must be done while watching someone you have loved for many years, experience increasing physical difficulties in the final years of their life.

The unremitting demands allow little time to socialize with others, much less to find a support group of those who are going through the same difficult situation.

Even at night, you are called on to help your loved one. There is no off duty. Balancing competing caregiving demands with the demands of your own life on an ongoing basis can be quite a challenge.

A Group Willing to Share Your Burdens

An in-home senior care agency can provide much-needed assistance during this stage of life. A trusted caregiver can help with daily nursing activities and with everyday chores, such as laundry, grocery shopping, bathing or preparing a hot meal.

Not only will your loved one benefit from the service of an in-home caregiver, but you will have the time to recuperate and meet with others who can provide the emotional support you need during this time.

Your loved one will receive better care from you, because you took the time to step away from your duties for a while and allow someone to shoulder the load alongside you.

Caring Professionals

We know that entrusting your loved one to a caregiver is a big decision. Arista caregivers are all certified as professional care aides. They receive many hours of specialized training to achieve this certification and continue to receive training through the Institute for Professional Care.

In addition, Arista caregivers are bonded and insured and undergo rigorous background checks, drug testing and BMV verification, to ensure your peace of mind and safety.

Your caregiver is trained in observing your loved one for signs that might indicate important changes in their health, which can help prevent the need for hospital stays and emergency visits.

Arista emphasizes continuous training and support for caregivers and works to cultivate a strong sense of teamwork among caregivers and staff. This allows Arista to provide top-notch care for your loved ones and peace of mind for you.

You are not alone. Allow us to share the load with you in caring for your loved one. This will benefit you and your loved one and ensure that they get the care and attention you want them to have at this important time in their lives.

Arista Home Care Solutions provides care for your loved one and respite care for you. Call us today at (419) 754-1897. We are here to help.