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5 Summer Activities in Toledo to Engage Your Loved One with Alzheimer’s or Dementia

If you have a parent, grandparent, or other relatives with Alzheimer’s or dementia, you probably are always looking for engaging activities the in Toledo area, and fresh ways to strengthen your relationship. No worries—Arista’s got you covered: we’ve brainstormed the ultimate list of summer activities for you and your loved one to try this season. We understand options may be limited as overstimulation is common amongst those with cognitive diseases, which is why we’ve provided multiple options for each scenario. That way, you can choose one that helps you both feel the most comfortable—and have the most fun.


Take a Scenic Stroll at the Toledo Metroparks

Soak in some sunshine and be at one with nature. With dozens of Toledo Metroparks in the area, this area is a wonderful city to explore with your relative. Depending on the park, there are dirt trails as well as cement paths, so wheelchairs are an option, too. Use this opportunity to see how they’re feeling, have a meaningful conversation, admire the landscape, or play a game that engages their mind and body.


Enjoy Live Music Together

Whether you’re eight or 85, music is a great way to connect with others—especially your parent or loved one. Specific songs often trigger vivid memories and bring us back to simpler times. There are many live events that offer performances in the Toledo area: Music Under the Stars takes place on Sunday nights at The Toledo Zoo, various Toledo Symphony performances will start up in September, Jazz in the Garden occurs on Thursday evenings at the Toledo Botanical Garden, Promedica Summer Concert Series offers shows Friday nights, and Music at the Market in Perrysburg holds Thursday-evening concerts.

If live events aren’t an option, try using Spotify, YouTube, or local music shops to find songs from your loved one’s time. Encourage them to dance around the living room with you, or simply sit and enjoy each other’s company. This is an effective tool caregivers can use to help calm their clients when restless.


Visit Meaningful Places in Toledo

Tap into sweet, distant memories by visiting significant places from your loved one’s past, particularly involving the summer. Did they hang out at the park with friends, or go to the local theater with their significant other? What about their childhood home or school? Take a breezy summertime drive, learn more about your person and pass by places that mean the most to them. Bonus: You could even bring an old shoe box with some small strips of paper to create a special memory box—simply listen and write down stories they recall or collect items from their favorite spots.


Relax by the Water

Cool off and share a splash together! Everybody loves swimming in the summertime. If you’re looking for a place to swim in Toledo, the city itself offers six public pools with plenty of others in neighboring towns. If your loved one is in need of exercise, the buoyancy of the water makes the pool an ideal low-impact setting and is also suitable for muscle gains. If they aren’t much of a swimmer, watching birds and ducks by a pond, or taking a walk along the Maumee River are other calming activities caregivers can engage their loved ones in.


Unwind with a Spa Day

Is your loved one particularly anxious? “Spa time” activities are proven to be calming for those with dementia and other related conditions. Kick back with a body massage from Serenity Health & Wellness in Maumee, or enjoy a moment of relaxation at the Salt Cave in Perrysburg. You can even create your own spa experience at home—pedicures, hand massages, and facials are always beneficial. The last step? Turn on those relaxing nature sounds, or release some therapeutic smells, such as lavender, rose, lemon, or vanilla.

If you’d like more information about home care, or more tips regarding how to engage with your loved one, contact Arista Home Care Solutions today.