Who Will Help Take Care of My Home and My Property?


VIP Total Care

You’ve lived a successful life, raised your kids and worked hard to be ready for retirement. You were so successful, in fact, that you have a great home in a great neighborhood or perhaps on a nice piece of acreage.
So what’s the problem? Well, now that you’ve gotten older it’s become more difficult to take care of your beautiful home, your well-managed property, and you’ve begun to lose sleep over it. Yet another thing to worry about on top of other prevailing health issues. Anxiety begins to creep in, who’s going to fix something when it breaks? Who can you rely on to keep an eye on things should you end up in the hospital for a few days, or a few weeks? Lawn care, landscaping, snow removal, sprinkler systems, electrical issues, your furnace is on the fritz, home maintenance can be a nightmare even when you’re in your 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. Now you’re in your 70’s or your 80’s and getting on a ladder is ill-advised. You think to yourself, who’s going to help me keep this place going? Because you know it won’t take care of itself.

Arista Home Care Solutions, a Toledo-based, family-owned in-home care provider has the answer. It’s called VIP Total Care, and it’s tailored to clients who may benefit not only from personal care, meal preparation and light housekeeping on a regular basis, but a greater overall level of assistance managing their home, their property, and of course doctor visits and other appointments. Think of it as a concierge service on steroids. You get assistance with grocery shopping, someone who can take your car in for service, run the vacuum, call the in-ground sprinkler repair company when big brown spots appear in your yard, change a light bulb in the ceiling, clean your bathrooms. You name it, your Arista VIP Total Care Personal Assistant will help you get it done! Now you can relax in peace, enjoy an old movie or a sporting event on TV. Better yet, your VIP Total Care Personal Assistant will drive you and accompany you for an afternoon out. Because you’ve worked hard for your entire life, you’ve earned it!

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