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Seeking Your Support for Students Preparing for Careers in an Aging Related Field

In 1996 NOGA created a student scholarship in honor of John Vance.

“The scholarship was posthumously named for John (1997-1998) in recognition of his unceasing efforts not only on behalf of older adults, but also in his mentoring of students. He was a kind and gentle man, quick to smile and to offer an encouraging word.”

Who Was John Vance? 

John was a well known social worker in the northwest Ohio area. He was a long time member of NOGA and served as Chairperson/President from 1987 to 1991. At the time, John directed Information Services for the Elderly (ISE) located in the First Call for Help offices at One Stranahan Square. His work at ISE included coordinating and developing programs for seniors, implementing community organization and advocacy, and providing technical assistance to service providers. He later worked for the Area Office on Aging as the Housing Director.

Over the years, NOGA has continued to raise funds for this scholarship and subsequently awarded them to worthy undergraduate and graduate students.

We are asking for your support, through your donation in any amount, to offer an academic scholarship in 2021 in the amount of $2,500 for an undergraduate or graduate student who is preparing for a career in an aging related field.

Currently we have reached 10% of our goal! We need your help to make our goal by March 31 of 2021!

We would like to award this Scholarship to our chosen recipient at the Spring 2021 Annual NOGA Meeting.


We have TWO ways for you to contribute toward this worthy goal

  • First, complete the Donor Information Form (https://files.constantcontact.com/130fe869001/7b7ad2eb-444c-40aa-906d-9524c6d1a26a.pdf)
  • Second, send us your donation via check or via our secured online credit card payment system – https://www.nogaonline.org/scholarships.html

We appreciate your generous and thoughtful donation!