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6 Signs a Family Member Needs a Caregiver

When our elderly loved ones continue to live independently, we aren’t always assured that they are doing well on their own. Sometimes, we will see various signs which indicate that they may need immediate support aside from an illness or medical diagnosis. In this blog post, we share 6 signs a family member needs a caregiver, which might just help you determine this unanswered question.

Keeping Unopened Mail and Unpaid Bills

If there are stacks of unpaid bills or unsorted mail in your elderly loved one’s home, it could mean that they are forgetting to respond to mail that may be time-sensitive. It could also mean that they no longer understand the letters, so as a result, they have decided to ignore them completely. Having a caregiver help them sort the essential mail from junk mail will ensure that your loved one is not neglecting their responsibilities.

Declining Personal Hygiene

Have you noticed that your loved one has recently stopped taking baths, brushing their teeth, or taking care of their personal grooming? A reason behind this might be because they are no longer able to look after their personal needs. A caregiver will be able to support and supervise them during their bathing, remind them to brush their teeth, and assist with their grooming and personal hygiene needs.

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Unbalanced Meals and Spoiled Food at Home

Our sense of smell and taste diminish as we age. Spoiled food inside the refrigerator may indicate that your loved one is forgetting to buy new food or are unable to get to the grocery store safely. It might also signify that they are eating spoiled food or aren’t eating at all. A caregiver can assist with meal planning, shopping and preparation to allow them to eat fresh meals and receive the nutrition they need.

More Accidents and Injuries

If you notice that your loved one is getting into too many accidents, it may mean that they are having difficulties with their fine motor skills. Walk around their vehicle looking for new scratches or dents. It may be time to stop driving.

They may also suffer from other conditions such as vision problems, hearing issues, and difficulty moving which could make the situation worse. A caregiver can help in such cases by providing the eyes and ears that he or she needs while performing tasks, including driving and running errands, as well as providing support whenever needed.

Loneliness and Isolation

Do you notice that your elderly loved one has suddenly lost interest in their hobbies, or become disconnected from their family and friends? When this happens, it could mean that loneliness or isolation has set in. Mom or dad may have trouble following a conversation or television show. Make sure that you maintain regular contact with him or her, and hire a caregiver who can visit and interact with them on both a social and personal level.

Difficulty Completing Daily Tasks

If you notice that your loved one is needing more and more help with daily tasks such as cooking, grocery shopping, as well as refilling and taking their medications, it could indicate that they need a caregiver. A caregiver will be able to assist with important activities including household maintenance, personal hygiene, and running errands. This will ensure that your elderly loved one is well taken care of.

A Career in Caring

Hiring a compassionate, qualified caregiver for your loved one will improve their health, safety, independence, and daily quality of life. Luckily, there are plenty of available caregiver jobs today, so there are lots of options for you to choose from, should your loved one need help at home. Be sure to look through all the caregiver jobs available to find the right fit and to make sure that your loved one will be in good hands.

Caregiver jobs can provide you with an occupation that’s fulfilling both professionally and personally. If you’re interested in applying for caregiver jobs, Arista Home Care Solutions offers these benefits and more.

Knowing mom and dad are well care for provides peace of mind and allows you do spend quality time when you visit. Arista Home Care Solutions offers quality in home care 24/7 for your loved one to allow them to age gracefully at home, where they really want to be. Arista owner, Paula Birney, Certified Dementia Practitioner, will provide a free needs assessment and develop a custom Care Plan. Call today.

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