I spent the day cheering on female Triathlon competitors as they swam, rode a bike and ran.
Watching these amazing athletes, I was in awe of the various ages of the champions before me. The age
ranged from 20-85. Yes, 85 years old and doing a Triathlon. I couldn’t help but think that these women
are truly living their best life as long as they can.

Isn’t that the point? If I am going to live a long life I want to live to be as happy and healthy as I can.
I may never succumb to the pressure of competing in a race, but there are things that I can do
consistently that will help me live my best life longer.

Get rest. Whether it is meditation, a nap or a good book, scheduling time to rest is a necessity for me
in order to recharge my batteries. It leads me to have better focus, concentration and better decision
making. If I am not sleeping well, I have a hard time choosing the foods which nourishes your body.

Be active. There is no perfect formula for choosing the exercise which is best. I found something that
I love and it is easy to remain consistent. I look forward to Yoga classes and strength training.

Eat right. I try to add more fruits or vegetables. Every Thursday, my kids and I go to the farmers
market and pick out a new vegetable. Thanx to Google we find a recipe for our new food. Sometimes we
hate it, and other times it becomes a staple at our kitchen table.

In the meantime, I add essential oils to help support my body. Lavender is a fresh smelling
essential oil that is known for its calming effects. I find that if I diffuse it at night, it helps me relax and
rest easier. Smelling Peppermint can improve my focus, alertness and offer respiratory support.

Supplements, including probiotics and digestive enzymes, helps to maximize my body’s energy and
improve my gut health. A healthy gut promotes good digestive health. The brain and the gut are
connected, so keeping a healthy gut can improve my mental health.

Being healthy means asking the entire body to work together to bring harmony. When one part of my
body is off balance, it can affect every other part. Taking the time to ensure I am giving my body what it
needs, allows me to take control over my own health.

I hope that when I am 85, I am still feeling confident and crazy enough to try new things and really enjoy
living younger as long as I can!

Krisi Vadnais
Public Speaker
Essential Oil; Safety and Usage Trainer
Trainer at Connext Nation

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